Hello. I am Erin – wife, mom, hobby photographer, amateur musician, and a cradle-Catholic with a big desire for travel and adventure. I have a degree in (Print) Journalism and have most recently worked in Marketing, Sales, and Photography. Now, however, I am a stay-at-home mom and that’s all the career I need. Caring for my family and our home truly fulfills me more than anything else I’ve ever done.

As for the blog title, A Place for Lilies is just my phrase for “home.” Home is where the flowers grow, after all. It is a place where we can plant roots, both literally and metaphorically.

My inspiration lies in the little moments – the breaths between the chaos, light through a window, flowers in a garden, a much anticipated cup of something warm in the morning, watching our children absorb the world around them and remembering how that felt. These days, I strive at knowing when to downshift, learning to love the highs and lows of life, and handling all seasons with grace. I use photography and writing to help me better acknowledge and appreciate my blessings and share this vision with whomever may need it. Also, none of my work is sponsored, so I remain humble and true to self – just the way God intended, I assume.

Anyway, follow along, if you will. Posts may be sporadic, because real life and family come first. But slow writing is typically better anyway, right? (Sure, we’ll go with that.) I hope you’ll be at least mildly entertained and inspired.


“She always had that about her,
that look of otherness,
of eyes that see things much too far,
and of thoughts that wander
off the edge of the world.”
~Joanne Harris


What does “bide-a-wee” mean?

Bide-a-wee is a Scottish word/phrase meaning “stay a while.” I’m told that my great grandmother once owned or managed a restaurant, in the western states, called Bideawee. Now I try to use the phrase as often as I think of it, mostly for nostalgia.

What is the point of this blog?

This blog is a personal space in which I channel my creative brainwaves. I mean, isn’t that why writing exists? These days I mainly write about motherhood and marriage, but sometimes I may also explore photography, music, art, writing (of course), or maybe even health and fitness, interior design, cooking, and anything else that makes me question my natural, womanly (in)abilities. Anyway, follow along and hopefully it will all make sense at some point.

Where do you live?

We live happily in the southern United States, where humidity makes for miserably hot summers and unbelievably cold winters. We love it here. It’s a beautiful place and there’s nothing quite as sweet as experiencing four actual seasons every year, even when fall and spring only last a few weeks. Plus, there’s that whole “southern hospitality” thing that makes life here pretty comfortable, occasionally awkward, and always interesting.

More questions?

I am happy to help. Contact me here.


All content here is my own, including photography and graphics. Please obtain proper permission before reusing or reproducing anything from this blog. Thank you.