(a poem)
by Erin M Yarbery

+ + +

He is the cornerstone.
She is the door.
He is the lion.
She is the roar.

He is the music.
She’s the inspiration.
He believes in life.
She relishes imagination.

He offers balance.
She offers support.
He is the referee.
She is the sport.

He makes her laugh.
She allows him to cry.
Together they’re brave
when they’re feeling shy.

He calls the wild.
She restores the calm.
He is the book.
She is the psalm.

He’s the instrument.
She is the strings.
He is their anchor.
She is their wings.

Siblings forever.

2 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. Oh my, Sissy! You’ve caused your Dad to “tear up” again! What a wonderful poem, and warmest sentiments! You are amazing, and you’re passing it on to your children, our grandchildren! Thanks for being you, and thank God for you.


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