Sometimes I take photos within our home, but most are shot as we visit others’ homes – with permission – or even random locations we see as we drive from place to place.

I do this mainly because I enjoy seeing the little details that make all homes “homey.” I love to see a face light up when someone shares the story behind an old set of dishes or the excitement of a new table lamp or a garden full of roses that took a lifetime to build and grow. It reminds me that home is more of a feeling and a sharing of life than a few walls with a door.

Also, I photograph pieces of other lives because our home isn’t exactly “ours” yet. My husband and I have only owned one home so far and it was short-term. Instead of sticking to one place, we’ve spent our years together searching for jobs and a place that felt good enough to settle into. I guess we didn’t have an exact plan when we married; we just shared some similar ideas and an agreement to go until we found it.

At the moment, we’re a family of four living in an apartment, which is neither ideal nor was it planned. We came here hoping to find better jobs and eventually a place to call home. An apartment was supposed to be a temporary stop that turned into an on-going circumstance.

Only a few months after moving here I became pregnant and, by the time the baby arrived, decided to be a stay-at-home mom. (Goodbye, dream career.) I didn’t know how or if it would work for us, but I was determined to raise our children at home – wherever that may be – rather than send them to a babysitter everyday. I wanted to know they’re personalities and, more importantly, their morals and values would be formed mainly by us. There was also a small part of myself that wanted to know if I could handle the full-time mom thing and do it well.

Lastly, I kind of hate schedules. Though it’s often necessary to keep children to a basic schedule, I couldn’t wrap my mind around doing the same mundane things at the same times for the same reasons every day of our lives. We needed our family to have some flexibility.

So I did. I am. We are. And our kids are amazing. We’ve never been more grateful or happy to see the fruits of our labor, even when the decision to live on one income is/has been difficult. Furthermore, we believe now more than ever that everything good comes to those who wait and work for it.

We are soon to close on our (second) first home or rather a property upon which we will build our home. There’s not much to it yet. The land needs some TLC and building a house from scratch will be slightly nerve-racking, but we are elated. It will be ours from start to finish and for years to come. Our children will have roots, I will have a house to create and in which to be creative, and my husband will have his long-awaited land to tend.

In the meantime, my photos come from all kinds of places, but soon I hope to focus more on our own walls with a door or two. I hope to build a place for lilies and to share it in some small way with those who care or need caring. Home is a feeling that should be shared, no matter where or how it began. Lord knows that others have and do share their homes with us all the time. God bless them!

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